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About Smoking
  • All room assignments are confirmed by our company Jikei-Space. Please note that we may not be able to offer you one of your dormitory preferences due to no vacancy.
  • Early move-in is not available. No access to the dormitory will be given until the scheduled move-in date.(If you arrive earlier, please use a hotel.)
  • The deadline for move-out months (March, June, September, December) is the day after the last day of classes.
  • Transfer of dormitories after assignment is not permitted.

  • 部屋割りは当社で行います。希望寮が満室の場合、他の寮に決定することがあります。ご了承ください。
  • 受入日より早く入寮することはできません。(早く入国する場合はホテルなどをご利用ください。)
  • 退寮月(3月、6月、9月、12月)の退寮期限は授業最終日の翌日です。
  • 割り当て後の転寮は不可です。


  • 入寮日の14日前までにフライト情報を学校へご連絡ください。

Flight information

  • Please inform the school of your flight details at least 14 days before your boarding date.(We need to cleanup and inspect the room after we get your flight information.)



  • 日曜日と祝日は入寮できません。それ以外の日に入寮できます。


  • AM9:00~PM8:00までに入寮してください。成田空港17時着まで、羽田空港17時着まで。



Available time and day of move-in

【Day of a week】

  • You can not move-in to a dormitory on Sunday and Japanese publick holiday. Please choose another dates.


  • Please enter the dormitory between 9 A.M to 8 P.M. If you arrive to Narita or Haneda airport by 5 P.M, you can move-in to a dormitory on same day.
    Please make a reservation at a hotel if you arrive after 8 P.M.

※You can not enter a dormitory before the designated day.

※You can not enter a dormitory during the year-end, New Year holidays and summer holidays.